Sitecore 9 quick-tip: Updating your license

Updating your license in Sitecore 9 is not a simple copy-paste-to-one-location thing

Another quick-tip post, significantly shorter than most of my other posts. This one is just some tips regarding updating your license in a Sitecore 9 installation.

In previous versions of Sitecore you would probably just have copy-pasted the new license into the data folder of your Sitecore instance. If you have a distributed environment with separate Reporting-, publishing-, processing instances etc, you would paste them in their respective data folders as well.

With Sitecore 9, this step is unchanged, you paste your new license to the data folder (probably /App_Data if you use the default setup) of all your sitecore instances including your xConnect instance, simply put.


What you must also do is paste your new license file into the data folders of the two Windows Services that xConnect introduces, the IndexWorker and the AutomationEngine services. If you have a standard on-premise xConnect installation, these are the paths:


This is an easy step to miss, and if you do miss it chances are it might take you a while to notice, as you probably will not get any hard errors, and you are unlikely to notice the log errors of your windows services if you are not monitoring these regulary. What you might see that can indicate this problem is if you try to start any of the services manually and get the below exception:

Failed to start the indexer host
System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: The constructor to deserialize an object of type 'Sitecore.Nexus.Licensing.LicenseException' was not found.

10 Oct 2018, by Bonny Nilsson | 

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